What We're About

Who We Are


Chaos4k9s is a charity fundraiser organization that is run by a group of people with a love for animals and a deep passion to help them. We host a variety of different events in hopes of raising awareness and donations for animal rescues.

We are fortunate enough to have the world of professional wrestling to back up our vision! Not only is our merchandise table welcome at many independent shows, we also have a locker room of approx. 30 talented wrestlers who put on a showcase when we make our donation directly to our chosen rescue. 

Our Goals


Our vision is to give pet rescues a "leg up"! Not only do we want to raise as much money as we can for animal rescues who could use the extra help , we also want to raise awareness about the situations these animals come from. Chaos4K9s hopes we can help find these animals homes through our love of fundraising and professional wrestling.

We cannot wait to see what future years bring and hope to continue to grow bigger and better!

Our History


Chaos4k9s started as a small idea in late 2014 and put on our first donation show in September of 2015; raising $3600.00+ for Dog Tales. After that, we were inspired on helping as much as we could.  We continued to run a donation show once-twice a year, donating 100% of our proceeds directly to animal rescues such as Ladybird, Save Our Scruff and Redemption Paws


Fundraising may 2019-current

We are currently Fundraising for SOS. All proceeds will be donated at our Donation show early Spring 2020 Please Check out the amazing work they do and the pups that are looking for a fur ever home 


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