"The Queen Of Horror" Sabrina Kyle


Height: 5'8

From: Steel City, Ontario Canada

Years wrestling: 14years

Goals for 2019: To wrestle as much as possible and have fun doing it

Favourite match: Sabrina Kyle vs Jeff Black no holds barred PWA Battle of the Sexes

Dream match?: Sabrina kyle vs Gangrel

Finishing move: The pleasures (face buster), Friends till the end (TKO Stunner)

Do you own a dog: Hell yes!

What kind: Husky/ sheppard named Eva

Favourite Breed: Umm Eva? 

"The Nighttrain" Justin Sane


Height: 6'

Weight: 205lbs

From: Burlington Ontario

Years wrestling: 13 years

Favourite match: Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels WMXXV (As a fan)

Winning the Alpha male title, Justin Sane vs Cheech vs Brodie Lee vs Michael Elgin (as a wrestler)

Dream match: Every match is a dream come true but for real? Sane vs Take Hell in a cell!

Finishing move; Death From Above

Do you own a dog: yes

Favourite Breed: Tibetan Mastiff

Joey Valentyne


Height: 6'

Weight" 210lbs

From: Barrie Ontario

Years wrestling: Starte in 2003

Favourite match: Hogan vs The Rock

Dream match: Rock and Roll Express vs The Midnight Rockers

Finisher: Diamond Cutter

Do you own a dog: Not yet

Favourite Breed: Hard to pick but i like the look of the Chow/Husky Cross

"EZE" Eric Cairnie


Height: 5’9

weight: 201lbs

from: St. Catherines

favourite match: Michael Elgin (A1)

Josh alexander (PWA) 

Steve Corino (deathproof) 

Gangrel (BKPW) 

Dream match: Shawn Michaels

Finisher: Cradle shock

Do you own a dog: no 

Favourite dog: don’t have A favourite

Favourite animal: polar bear

Goal in life: to own a baby polar bear, raise it and train it; so I can ride it to the ring and destroy opponents with him

Eric Rosecroft


Height: 6'1

Weight: 180Lbs Soaking Wet

From: Rochester NY

Years Wrestling: 6 years

Favourite Match: Rosecroft vs Sean Carr UPW Spring Loaded 2018

Dream match: Rosecroft vs Eddie Guerrero 

Finisher: Rosecroft Driver 401 kill

Do you own a dog: Yes, Templeton

Favourite Breed: Sheppard 

Matt Burns




"The Lost One" Gem


"Bonecrusher" Steve Brown


Height: 6'2

Weight: 355lbs

From: Asbury Park New Jersey

Years wrestling: 17 Years

Favourite match: Steve Brown vs Scotty O'shae CPW December 2017

Dream Match: One on one with Tommy Dreamer

Finishing move: Worlds strongest driver

Do you own a dog: Shih tzu

Favourite Breed: Shih tzu

Bill Collier


Height: 6'4

Weight: 251lbs

From: Jacksonville Florida

Years wrestling: 12 years

Favourite Match: Undertake vs Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 25

Dream Match: Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart

Finishing move: Knock out punch

Do you own a dog? no

Favourite Breed: Pitbull

"The Cheif of all Nerds" Jaxson Urkle/ Jaxson Thorne


weight: 74.8 Micrograms

From: Laura Wilsows Undocumented dreams

Favourite match: G1 Climax 29 final A block Kota Ibushi vs B block Jay White

Dream match: Tyrone Jankens vs The Rock in a Johnson takes all match 

Finisher: Running STO

Do you own a dog: In my heart all the poochies but in the present world sadly  no

Favourite Breed: PITTIES!

Dewey Murray


Height: 6'1

Weight: A full Load

From: Highway 420

Years wrestling: 15 years

Favourite match: Dewey vs AR Foxx

Dream match: Dewey vs Shane Douglas

Fininshing move: The dead end (blackhole slam)

Do you own a dog? Yes 1 Male Beagle mix named Mac

Chris Cayden


Height: 5'7

Weight: 205lbs

From: 585 by way of the 718

Year wrestling: 15 years

Favourite match: too many to name

Dream match: Chris Cayden vs Chris Jericho

Finisher: Understatement

Do you own a dog: yes

Favourite Breed: my dog!

Maximo Suave


"The Grinder" Mark Shaw


Height: 5'8

Weight: 235lbs

From: Hamilton

Years wrestling: 15 years

Favourite match: Shaw vs Rayne Fringe January 2015

Dream match: Shaw vs Warhead vs Josh Alexander

Fininishing move: Fisherman Buster

Do you own a dog: no

Favourite breed: Pug

Nick "The Natural" Sullivan


Height: 5'10

Weight: 260lbs

From: Syracuse NY

Years wrestling: 2 years

Favourite match: Myself vs Terrel Kenneth Last man standing match (Immortal things 6/29/19)

Dream match: myself vs Chris Jericho & AJ Styles

Do own a dog: yes

Favourite Breed: Labrador 

Charles Blackwolf


Height: 6’

weight: 160lbs

from: The Six nations 

years wrestling: 2 years

favourite match: Pendragon

dream match: Brent Banks

do you own a dog: no 

favourite breed: Golden retriever 

Adrian Astar


Weight: 180lbs

from: Area 51

years wrestling: Since December 2015

Favourite March: hard to decide

Dream Match: singles match against RVD or a six man ladder match with RVD, Jeff Hardy, Undertaker and Paul London

Finisher: Swanton Bonn and Angels Wing 

Do you own a dog: yes a female husky

Favourite Breed: Husky 

CC Moss


Height: 5’5

From: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Years wrestling: three years

Favourite match: CC moss vs KC spinelli @ PWAs 1st Brewery Show a time the red Chevron In Guelph

Dream match: Sadie Gibbs From the UK

Finisher: worlds strongest slam

Do you own a dog: not yet but I own three cats

Favourite breed: husky

Young Love


Height: 5'8

Weight: 160lbs

From: Whitby Ontario

Years Wrestling: 2 and a half years

Favourite match: myself vs Anton Alexive

Dream match: myself vs Sami Zayn

Finisher: RIP Cord cutter

Do you own a dog: Yes 2 

Favourite Breed: Pit Bull and Cane Corso

"Rough House" Jeff Black


Scumbag Yates


Height: 6'1

Weight: 240lbs

From: The back Alleys

Years wrestling: Less than 2

Favourite match: Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in a cell 

Dream match: Owen Hart vs Daniel Bryan

Finisher: Dirty Lock

Do you own a dog: no

Favourite Breed: Husky 

"The Asian Nightmare" Kwan Chang


Height: 6'2

Weight: 250lbs

From: Hong Kong

Years wrestling; Debut September 6, 1997 

Favourite match: don't know. Had way too many 

Dream match : either Samoa Joe or Ricky Steamboat 

Do you own a dog: no 

Favourite breed : lab, German shepherd or Husky

KC Spinelli


Kaitlin Diemond


Height: 5’8

From: Providence Rhode Island

Favourite match: vs Karen Q at war of the worlds Toronto

Dream match: Trisha Stratus

Do you own a dog: yes a Carolina Dingo and a mini pin mix

Favourite Breed: Husky and Shiba Inu

Young Myles


Height: 6'4

Weight 192lbs

From: Toronto Ontario Canada

Years wrestling: 8 years

Favourite Match: Ladder match with Shane Sabre, Brent Banks, Stratosfear & Orlando Christopher

Dream Match?: Young Myles vs Josh Alexander

Finisher: The franchise (double knee stomp off the top)

Do you own a dog: no

Favourite Breed: All of them!

Evan Greenaway


Height: 5'9

Weight: 205lbs

From: Hamilton Ontario

Years wrestling: 2 years

Favourite match: Greenaway vs Mike Forte

Dream match: Greenaway vs Johnny Iconic

Finishing move: Torture rack neck breaker

Do you own a dog: Corgi/ German Sheppard mix

Favourite Breed: my dog!

Kobe Durst


Height: 5’9

Weight: 189lbs

From: Toronto

years wrestling: 8 years

Favourite match: Triangle I’ll end threat ladder match (Hardy’s, Dudley’s, Edge & Christian)

Dream match: Kobe vs Justin beiber

Finisher: piledriver

Do it own a dog: Yes, Ray a German Shepard 

Rob Rage


Height: 6'2

Weight: 275lbs

From: Toronto

Years wrestling: 7 years

Favourite match: Full Nelson match. Rage vs Chris Masters

Dream match: Rage vs Macho Man

Finisher: Ragemission aka The full Nelson

Do you own a dog: Yes a Rottweiler named Thor

Favourite Breed: Rottweiler

Vince Valor


Height: 6'

Weight: 217lbs

From: Niagara Falls, NY

Years wrestling: Since 2010

Favourite match: The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 25

Dream match: Myself vs my Trainer; Tiberious King

Finishing move: Rolling DDT

Do you own a dog: Yes. American Eskimo and Sharpei

Favourite Breed: Rottweiler

Caleb Johnstone


Height: 6'1

Weight: 240lbs

Years training: 2 years

Where are you training: Hamilton Pro Wrestling

Dream match: vs Zack ryder

Do you own a dog: Yes, a Dachshund

Favourite Breed: Dachshunds and Siberian Huskies




Height: 5'10

From: Willowdale Ontario

Years Reffing: 20th year 

Favourite match: Any match with Josh Alexander. Loved Reffing Fit Finley vs Harry Smith as well

Dream match: Would include Pete Dunne

Do you own a dog: I have had Two dogs; Scully and a rescue Smithers

Rob Gosling



Height: 5'9

From: Toronto Ontario

Years Reffing: 4 years

Favourite match: Hardcore match, so many of them have a special place in my heart so any hardcore match is my dream match

Do you own a dog: no

Favourite Breed: Husky

Joe Thorington



Height: 6'1

From: Toronto

Years reffing: One year

Favourite match youve reffed: The Frat vs Pretty Ricky and CL Volino

Dream match to ref: KC Spinelli vs Jody Threat

Do you own a dog: Im a cat man

Favourite Breed: German Shepard or Husky

St Stephan


Hieght: 5'11

From: Manhattan, NY By way of Montreal Quebec

Years managing: Building the Saints Row empire since 2009

Dream match: Submission match vs Owen Hart

Do you own a dog: no

Favourite Breed: cat

Jeff Goodridge


Height: 6'2

From: Hamilton Ontario

Years managing: While involved in wrestling for ten years Ive only managed for two consecutive years

Favourite match: The Don Muraco Meatball Sandwich it!

Dream match: Tully w/ JJ & Arn Anderson vs Justin Sane & EZE with Me

Do you own a dog: I own FOUR dogs! 

Favourite Breed: Will always be the Catahoula Bulldog. Strong, loyal, defensive, comforting, BEST dog for an apartment or least mine is

Bill Chase


From: Hamilton, Ontario

Years announcing: six years

Favourite match: Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestlemania 13

Dream match: CM Punk vs Macho Man

Do you on a dog: no

Favourite Breed: Great Pyrenees 

Kount C


From: Rochester NY

Years announcing: started in 2015

Favourite match: Cloudy vs Cheech vs Colin Delaney (UPW Wrestlebowl 2015)

Dream match: Shawn Michaels vs "Your Captin" Nick Ando

Do you own a dog: Unfortunately no, but im a friend of many

Favourite dog: French Bulldog 

Chris Hazzard


Years hosting karaoke: Benn a host for 15years

 Favourite Karoke Spot: Its a tie between the two places i host at; Windjammer by the lake In Burlington and Pic-a-Deli in Oakville

Do you have a dog: I have a chihuahua named Tarzan

Favourite Breed: English Bulldog 

Monique Richardson